Improve Strength & Endurance Naturally— at Work and at Play

Active people of all kinds are continually seeking methods and supplements to increase their performance. It seems that every month there is something new and/or improved on the market. However, one need not look to the future for results. Chinese Olympians have long utilized Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to naturally enhance strength and endurance, as well as heal physical injuries. The TCM modalities of acupuncture, tuina bodywork, Chinese herbs and chi gong help to optimize internal physiology. Acupuncture reduces pain and inflammation. By improving blood circulation and range of motion, it not only shortens recovery time from injuries, but also enhances strength and endurance, thereby helping to prevent injuries.

Tuina improves circulation, eliminates toxins, relaxes muscles, increases joint lubrication and motion, while releasing stress. Tuina establishes a more harmonious flow of chi (vital energy) and body fluids throughout the body. This allows the body to naturally heal itself and function at its optimum level.

Chinese herbs such as ginseng, cordyceps, and astragalus enhance strength and endurance. Ginseng regulates metabolic rate, optimizing the breakdown of foods. It also improves the use of oxygen in the body. Better metabolism and more efficient use of oxygen allow one to generate and use energy more efficiently. Astragalus benefits digestion, respiration and the immune system. Cordyceps fortifies all body systems by strengthening the immune system, maximizing oxygen uptake, promoting strong muscles, and improving kidney, liver, and lung functions. These are just a sample of herbs that can improve strength and endurance.

Chi gong techniques have traditionally been used in martial arts to improve balance, power, stamina, speed and flexibility. Chi gong’s isometric poses and restorative movements in coordination with one’s breath improve respiration, posture, concentration, blood chemistry, and relaxation.

These TCM modalities along with a nutritious diet can help one to achieve the utmost strength and endurance both at work and at play.