Balancing Life With Breast Cancer

Approximately one in every 1,000 women in the U.S. has breast cancer. Once discovered, there is understandably much thought directed to where the disease came from and what to do about it. However, each diagnosis offers a woman the opportunity to find out what this uniquely means for her. This six letter C-word often instills fear so quickly that the effects of this news can be as devastating as the disease itself. Some people simply withdraw when told they can expect a compromised life. Others choose to defy any prognosis or deadline and fight with all their ability. Rather than blindly accepting another’s view of the future or strongly rejecting available information, women at any point in their healing process can find balance in their lives. This comes partly from surrounding oneself with supportive people and experiences, and also in using this life-changing event as a means to further refine your life for the better.

Whether you have the diagnosis or know someone who does, here is a simple and effective list to help balance both health and life in general:

  • Change the way you view disease. At Tao of Wellness, we have breast cancer patients who choose to see their condition no more profoundly as if they have a bad cold, while some patients who have the flu may agonize tremendously. With practice and help, a positive outlook is always possible.
  • Walk or do tai chi in nature. Chinese medicine views cancer as a type of energetic stagnation. Physical movement in a pristine setting helps to restore physical and mental circulation while improving the body’s defenses.
  • Avoid skin care toxins. Aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants or preservatives called parabens in many products, while not proven to be directly cancer-causing, can mimic hormone activity on breast tissue. Check out the site for product ratings.

Reinvent yourself. What better time to assess what is important in your life and make the changes you may have been neglecting. It is time to create the life you want for yourself.