Far-Infrared Heat Therapy

What is Far-Infrared Heat?
Far-Infrared is a therapeutic heat delivered by infrared light, which is the invisible portion of the sun’s light spectrum. Infrared means “below red” and pertains to the light waves just below the visible color red, at the far end of the light spectrum. The “far” part of infrared light indicates the infrared light waves that have longer wavelengths. Far infrared heat therapy emits these same wavelengths within a comfortable enclosure where you can rest your way to better health.


A Total Body Cleanse
Conventional saunas simply heat the air around the body to produce a sweat comprised of water and electrolytes. This is the same kind of sweat made when exercising. Far-infrared heat therapy produces light waves that penetrate bodily tissues several inches deep and vibrate the cells of the tissue. This tissue vibration shakes free stored toxins so they may be released through the sweat as well as carried out of the body through the other excretory systems of the bowels and bladder. Far infrared heat therapy feels the same as any other heat therapy but the sweat produced is unique in the amount of measurable toxins released, including heavy metals (like mercury and lead), cholesterol, and uric acid.


Reducing Inflammation, Pain, and More
It may seem counterintuitive to use a heat-based therapy for inflammatory conditions, but a majority of inflammatory and pain conditions are caused or made worse by impaired circulation. The use of far infrared heat therapy is an exceptional way to improve blood flow, and has helped our patients with the following conditions:


The Far-Infrared Experience
Once your practitioner determines that your condition would benefit from far-infrared heat therapy you will be directed to either a sit-in enclosure or a lie-down dome. Before you begin your heat session you’ll be given vitamin C, electrolytes, and water to hydrate before and after. After a 20-minute session of infrared heat temperatures ranging 115-150 degrees, you may feel a temporary flushed feeling, or flushed look with red patches on the skin. These are considered normal, especially if you take niacin (vitamin B3) to help the smallest blood vessels expand for enhanced cleansing.


Why Cleanse this Way?
Many inflammatory diseases like chronic fatiguefibromyalgiainterstitial cystitisirritable bowel syndromeinflammatory bowel diseasesrheumatoid arthritis, and many others develop in large part because of exposure to toxins. The many sources of toxins include car exhaust, food, clothing, bedding, furniture, office supplies, and countless others in the air, the water supply, and the environment. Toxic buildup can negatively impact the circulation of blood, with its rich source of oxygen and nutrients, starving organs or other body parts of these needed life-giving materials. What’s more, toxins accumulate and can overpower the immune system, and along with ineffective circulation of blood, allow disease to develop or be made worse.

Far infrared heat therapy is wonderful when used alone. Yet, consider its use as part of our Cleansing and Detoxification Program. This is a truly holistic cleansing protocol consisting of far infrared heat therapy, acupunctureChinese herbal medicinenutritional therapyInfiniChi energy therapy, and mind-body movement therapy. These therapies, when used together, are designed to quickly guide the toxins released through the infrared heat therapy out of the body via enhanced metabolic activity, increased urine and bowel function, and highly supportive foods. Learn more about the Cleansing and Detoxification Protocol.