Cleansing & Detoxification Program

Cleansing Creates Well-Being
Our body is automatically programmed to cleanse itself daily. However, with our fast-paced modern lifestyle and exposure to an increasing number of harmful and toxic substances, our body’s natural cleansing ability has become overworked and compromised.

Many signs and symptoms attributed to stress are now being linked to exposure from harmful substances such as PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, and mercury in food and liquids as well as dioxins and formaldehyde in the air.

These substances most notably affect the healthy functioning of the liver and immune system.  Common symptoms of dysfunction in these systems include:

Harmful and toxic substances from our chemically laden food and polluted environment have also become implicated as a leading cause of many serious illnesses such as:

To counter this growing situation, the doctors at Tao of Wellness have developed a Cleansing and Detoxification Program that is unique and highly useful in ridding the body of many harmful and toxic substances.

The weekend reminded me that with a few significant changes I could dramatically alter my life and interact with everyone differently. It helped me get in touch with myself and confirmed the need to do this often!
An amazing experience…I am looking forward to the lasting effects over the coming weeks and months.

In designing the detox program, the doctors have drawn upon the centuries-old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles to solve a modern problem. The detox program combines selected TCM techniques that work together synergistically such as acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicinenutritional therapyfar-infrared heat therapytuina bodywork and mind body exercise.

The treatments were wonderful. Each day I felt very refreshed. Definitely lost some weight and inches.
My body feels lighter, more open and leaner. I have done a lot of health therapy modalities. This feels cleaner.

How Does It Work?
The Cleansing and Detoxification Program is scheduled as a three-day retreat at the Tao of Wellness or as a week-long program. The procedures used are designed to stimulate the release of harmful substances stored in the tissues and liver. Once the toxins are released into the circulatory system, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. This is why the chosen treatment modalities are so important.


Acupuncture stimulates neurological, immunological, and endocrine responses beneficial to tissue cleansing and cell rejuvenation. It also stimulates the release of endorphins that reduce the pain and discomfort sometimes experienced when detoxifying and withdrawing from addictive substances such as alcohol, caffeine, drugs, nicotine and sugar. Learn more about acupuncture.

I feel an overall openness. My mental clarity is better and the fogginess has lifted.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
The proprietary herbal formulations focus on drawing the toxins directly out of the body through increased sweating, urination, and bowel movements. Some of the herbs directly support the filtering function of the liver and assist it in cleansing and promoting cell repair and cell regeneration. Learn more about Chinese herbal medicine.


Detox Nutritional Protocol
Nutritional therapy plays a distinct and essential role in the detox program. The prescribed meal plan includes selected foods that cleanse the liver and intestinal tract and provide key nutrients such as all the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health. Learn more about nutritional therapy.


Far-Infrared Heat Therapy
The heat and deep vibratory action of the sauna’s far-infrared energy promotes the release of toxins through increased circulation and through sweating. The far-infrared sauna differs from the conventional sauna in its ability to penetrate deeply beneath the superficial layers of the skin. Studies show that the infrared light waves help to rid the body of toxins that are stored beyond the superficial layers of the skin. The excreted toxins include: cholesterol, fat soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals (such as mercury and aluminum), sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid. The unusually high concentration of heavy metals and other fat-soluble toxins is not found in the sweat from normal exercise or a regular sauna. Learn more about far-infrared heat therapy.

I feel refreshed, optimistic, and my knowledge of my body is improved. Though I’m lighter and calmer, I’m more energetic!

Tuina Bodywork
Toxins often accumulate in the connective tissues creating blockages and impeding blood and fluid circulation. Our tuina bodywork protocol consists of dry brushing, lymphatic drainage, joint rotations, and cupping. The strong suction action of the cupping stimulates blood and lymphatic fluid to flow near the skin’s surface and to key areas of the body for easy and direct release of toxins. Learn more about tuina bodywork.

Such a great weekend. The staff were so wonderful, and everything was so well organized. I felt at home here. Thank you for all the great attention.

InfiniChi Energy Therapy
When undergoing an internal cleanse it’s important to address the changes necessary in the mind as well as other subtle needs of the body during this time of change.  InfiniChi is Chinese medical energy therapy in the Tao of Wellness tradition. InfiniChi is a non-touch healing technique that serves as the foundation of the practices of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. An InfiniChi practitioner will use their hands and body to sense areas of improper blood and energy flow. They will make subtle adjustments to encourage your physical organs to cleanse themselves and your emotions to release their excesses as well.  Learn more about InfiniChi.


Who Should Participate?
The Cleansing and Detoxification Retreat is helpful for those wishing to change their habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle. It is effective for people who feel constantly fatigued and for people who are trying to stop smoking, wean off drugs, lose weight, slow aging, prepare for pregnancy or reduce inflammatory conditions. Many participants have reported significant improvement in their symptoms and conditions after attending a three-day detoxification retreat.


Natural Healthcare for Cleansing

Tao of Wellness was established in 1976 as a resource to address cleansing and detoxification. We strive to support you in mind and body, and invite you to make an appointment for your health and wellbeing. It would be our pleasure to serve you.