For many people spring and summer are seasons for allergies. While these seasons bring us outdoors, many people are unable to enjoy these warmer months due to uncomfortable symptoms like nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and fatigue. For many others, year-round allergies due to environment, food or other factors can induce the same suffering or worse, including skin conditionsdifficulty breathing, or anaphylactic shock. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter aids aimed at solving allergy problems are plentiful but are almost all meant only to mask symptoms without much concern for the underlying problems with the immune system. Chinese medicine uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to help bring relief from symptoms, correct imbalances of the immune system, prevent the occurrence of infection, and encourage healing of tissues of the sinuses. At Tao of Wellness we use traditional therapies like acupunctureherbal medicine and nutritional therapy as safe and effective ways to help



How We Successfully Treat Allergies

During the spring and summer, allergies are generally induced by wind-born tree, grass, or weed pollen, and can cause sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, watery, itchy, or red eyes, headaches, fatiguecoughing and wheezing. Allergies, or allergic rhinitis, are due to an over-reactivity of the immune system to certain allergens. When allergens and antibodies react in individuals with allergic rhinitis, the mucous membranes of the nose become swollen and may obstruct drainage from the sinuses which leads to sinus inflammation in many people. Thus, sinus infections are a frequent complication of allergic rhinitis. With food allergies, or any allergic substance for that matter, this reaction can become so severe as to threaten a person’s life if the swelling is so bad that their airway is completely blocked, making it impossible to breath without immediate emergency medical intervention.

When the immune system is weak, over-reactions to perceived foreign particles or attackers can occur. Think of a child who’s tired and hungry, and you try to get them to do something that they don’t want—the resulting meltdown is akin to a weakened and tired immune system.

To successfully relieve allergy conditions we must first determine why your immune system is weak and therefore overactive. Is it due to a build-up of toxins, fatigue from overwork, stress or lack of sleep, or perhaps a genetic predisposition? The doctors at Tao of Wellness can help address any underlying causes in addition to simultaneously treating allergy symptoms. It is in dealing with the root causes that we can help modulate your body’s reaction and prevent the relapse of allergies in the future.

Regardless of how long you’ve suffered or what medications and supplements you’re already taking, making an appointment at Tao of Wellness is in your best interest to treat your allergies. We’re an integrative health center that works alongside the other specialists on your medical team. You’ll begin your first visit at Tao of Wellness with an initial consultation. One of our doctors will review your current allergy condition, analyzing your allergy testing results in addition to your medical history. We want to know all symptoms you’re experiencing right now in addition to major health and life events of your past because in Chinese Medicine we investigate how your allergies are linked to the rest of your health. After your consultation you’ll be offered an individualized treatment plan that will include acupunctureChinese herbal medicine, and nutritional therapy. Your doctor will then answer any questions you have before beginning your therapy.



Our Customized Therapies for Overcoming Allergies

Customized Treatment Program
There is no one program that fits everyone who suffers from allergies. At Tao of Wellness our licensed practitioner will work with you in developing a plan that is personalized just for you. Your therapies will be performed at our offices and you will also learn self-healing tools for your daily life. What you do every day at home will have a lasting impact on how you strengthen your body to reduce your allergic reactions and work toward remaining allergy-free.


There are therapeutic acupoints throughout the body that aid in treating allergies. Being that each person’s set of symptoms is unique, so is the acupuncture treatment. You’ll find that acupuncture is a very relaxing experience that effectively modulates immune function and reduces inflammation. The same calming and mood-elevating neurotransmitters, like endorphins and serotonin that are released from your brain during exercise, are secreted during sessions of acupuncture. With regular acupuncture, your body will enjoy this new state balance, and a life with fewer allergic symptoms will be the new norm. Learn more about acupuncture.


Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese medicine has a long history in treating allergies, and there are many herbs to help reduce allergic symptoms and strengthen or modulate your immune system. Like any other Chinese medical therapy, there is no singular allergy formula. Based on your unique presentation, a customized herbal combination will be given to help ease your symptoms along with the other health issues that may be compounding your allergy problem. Learn more about Chinese herbal medicine.


Nutritional Therapy
People often underestimate the power of nutrition when thinking about physical health. What you eat and drink can be a medicine or a poison to your body. We will explore your diet and offer advice on how to use your food as medicine when treating your allergies. 

Nutritional Consultations
Certain foods like dairy products, nuts, shellfish, deep fried foods, simple sugars, and gluten can produce more mucus, thus worsening allergic symptoms. It is important to begin keeping a food journal to better understand any relationships between what you are eating and drinking and your symptoms. Every patient receives general nutritional guidance but getting a Nutritional Consultation goes much further in offering a comprehensive menu specific for your allergy experience. Working with a doctor certified in traditional Chinese nutrition will allow you the flexibility to move beyond just counting calories. Selecting and preparing foods to specifically improve your condition will be a process that’s a right fit for you. If you’re used to eating out every day and you don’t have much experience preparing your own food, then we’ll coach you on new ways to care for yourself. Since you eat several times every day a proper diet can be an opportunity to help relieve your symptoms while allowing you to enjoy your food and your life again.

Nutritional Supplements
Taking supplements like vitamin C with bioflavonoids, vitamin E, B6 and pantothenic acid help maintain a healthy immune system. Beta carotene and zinc also support healthy immune function and promote healing of mucous membranes. Probiotics have been found to help maintain healthy immunity in the mucous membranes. Of course, anytime you incorporate supplements it’s always safest and most effective to work with a licensed professional in deciding the right supplement and appropriate dosage before simply following what’s on a label. If you require supplementation, our doctors certified in nutrition will prescribe the right combination for you. Learn more about nutritional therapy.


Mind Body Exercise
Exercise is key for health and longevity. Too little or too much of the inappropriate kind of exercise can actually make symptoms worse for certain people. Excessive exercise has been shown to suppress the immune system causing erratic immune responses. In turn, this could worsen allergies. If you’re suffering from allergies, moderate exercise is certainly helpful for you. It can also be enormously helpful to incorporate mind-body exercises such as  tai chi or qi gong. These practices help stimulate the circulatory and lymph systems, thus supporting proper immune function. At Tao of Wellness you’ll find doctors who are certified instructors in several forms of tai chi and qi gong. Our expert practitioners will work with you in determining the right practice as a supplement to your other exercise and nutrition regimens. Learn more about tai chi and qi gong.


Natural Healthcare for Allergies

Tao of Wellness was established in 1976 as a resource to address allergies. We strive to support you in mind and body, and invite you to make an appointment for your health and wellbeing. It would be our pleasure to serve you.