Tai Chi & Chi Gong


Experience Harmony and Restoration of Mind, Body and Spirit

Learn ways to reduce stress, quiet your mind, and bring more energy into your daily life. Improve the quality of your life, discover inner peace, and life’s natural internal harmonies through moving meditation practices.

In search of immortality and the ability to harmonize their personal energy with universal energy, ancient Chinese life science practitioners discovered how to prolong and enhance life through longevity practices. Refined over thousands of years, these practices better known as tai chi and chi gong are practiced around the world for everything from improving health and extending life to heightening martial arts skills and enhancing intuition.

Many people practice life energy practices to reduce stress, balance emotions, increase awareness, boost energy, sharpen the mind, develop internal strength, improve the immune system, or strengthen the digestion. Some practice life energy practices for self-realization, spiritual growth, or a deeper understanding of their own life energy and some people practice just for fun, exercise or relaxation.

Practicing chi gong makes me feel so much stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Here at Tao of Wellness we have seen tai chi and chi gong help with enumerable health conditions, everything from helping to calm the nervous system, replenish the adrenals and relieve stress to enhancing fertility and mental cognition. Tao of Wellness offers private tai chi and chi gong classes for those who wish to learn a chi gong or tai chi form or for those who would like a tailor made practice to help with a specific concern or health condition.

A deep wellspring of life and inner joy exists within all of us. Chi gong provides us with a way to rediscover ourselves, our inner life, and how to gain access to our own life energies and internal wisdom. Join us for private tai chi and chi gong lessons and allow yourself to experience more abundant health, greater clarity in life, and a deeper sense of self.

Clearer in thought and more relaxed; my joints feel less stiff and sore.