Practicing with Cranes and Eagles. A Note of Appreciation.

We received this email recently from one of our customers and would like to share it with you. This is just to say how much the Ni family teachings have positively impacted my life. The new website [], Ni family books, DVDs, CDs, the Wellness E-newsletter, Dr. Mao’s teleconferences, and your awesome Tao of Wellness Magazine have enriched my life so much! I feel so blessed to have found this wealth of information.

This summer I finally made the commitment to learn the Eight Treasures, although the video had been awaiting my attention for a number of years. Now, each morning I get up at 5:30 a.m., go down to the dock (I live on a river) and commune with nature via the Eight Treasures. With the sun rising, mist on the river, and cranes and eagles soaring high in their natural habitat, I can feel each posture creating a calm inner peace. Movements like The Great Crane Spreads its Wings and Bringing the Sea to the Top of the Mountain attune my body with the harmonious pulse of nature while refreshing my spirit and preparing me for a positive day. What a gift it is to start each morning with movements that feel so healthy, optimistic and fortifying! I’m now on the 7th Treasure, and the best part of practicing the Eight Treasures is the oneness I feel with the timeless essence of Mother Nature. It’s an awesome experience!

This is so important to me that I must take this opportunity to thank the Ni family again for their life-changing teachings! Although I live 3,000 miles away and will most likely never have the opportunity to visit, I feel connected to your organization and will always be deeply grateful! Please let me know if there is any way that I can “give back!”

Tao Of Wellness Staff