My Tao of Wellness Reflection

In early June, I was talking with a family friend who said that I looked “tired and old.” I mentioned that I was having low energy, unable to stay awake during the day, waking up from a full night’s sleep feeling tired and sleepy. I also mentioned that my joints were achy and sore and I was having swelling in my hands and feet. She recommended that I visit Dr. Mao who had helped her when she was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. In addition to these ailments, I was under the care of a cardiologist for atrial fibrillation and high cholesterol taking pharmaceutical drugs for both conditions.

In late June, I had my first visit with Dr. Mao. In our consultation, Dr. Mao explained the importance of the adrenal gland to overall health and diagnosed that my adrenal gland was not functioning properly, primarily due to years of excessive living causing poor sleep habits and affecting my digestion system. We began a program entailing acupuncture, diet and herbal treatments to begin to allow my body to restore my adrenal gland function and improve my metabolism. With twice weekly acupuncture sessions and following Dr. Mao’s detoxification diet and herbal treatments, I could expect to lose one to two pounds a week over a ten week period.

Working with Dr. Mao and Soeon Park, I was disciplined in following the daily routine of the detox diet. While there were many types of foods that I avoided, I never felt deprived. There was no calorie-counting. I was just eating the right foods for my body. Dr. Mao and Soeon were very helpful in answering my questions each week about different types of food I could eat or should avoid.

My results were much better than expected. Following the detox diet and herbal treatments, I lost weight rapidly. More importantly, my energy came back. In the morning, I had the energy to exercise, which increased my metabolism and helped my mental alertness. Sticking to the detox diet became a lifestyle change for me and not just a temporary change in my eating habits. In two and a half months, I had lost 35 pounds and after four months, I had lost 50 pounds. My waist size had gone from a 38 to a 33 and I felt great. With my “repaired” adrenal gland and metabolism, I didn’t have any more problems: no stomach aches, no acid reflux, no swollen joints and no headaches. In September, I had my annual physical and my lab results were excellent. In November, I had my semi-annual visit with my cardiologist and I am no longer taking any medication for my heart or cholesterol.

Dr. Mao and Soeon have done an amazing job with me and I feel better each and every day. I now understand what was causing my problems and they have given me the tools to adapt and change my lifestyle (I have even started doing a little qi gong!). I will be forever grateful for my blunt and honest friend who recommended Dr. Mao and for Dr. Mao and Soeon’s wonderful care and treatment.