Welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Monkey!

The Chinese calendar is based on the lunar cycle that has its origins in the world's oldest oracle called the I Ching or the Book of Changes. The I Ching encoded the laws of the universe and patterns of change in a binary language that inspired modern computers and foreshadowed the science of forecasting.  Its predictive powers was of such importance throughout history to emperors, farmers, builders and physicians alike that initiating any endeavor at the "appropriate and auspicious" timing would ensure advantageous, fruitful and healthy outcomes.   The I Ching's modeling of cosmic cycles of changes is called The Five Phases or Elements.  Each year there's a dynamic interplay of two elemental forces at work which may result in upheavals and changes in the world and in one's personal life. These changes may upset ecological balance, disease progression and market stability that profoundly affects countless lives.  In my yearly forecast below you'll find a general forecast of changes in the world and then how it may affect you personally based on your element personality. (If you don't know what your element is go to Infinichi.com and take the Five Elements quiz to find out.)  

2016 is the year of the Monkey which has the characteristics of curiosity, playfulness and unpredictability.  In general, the inventive and creative nature of the monkey may portend breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine. The playful and make-believe monkey will elevate the arts, fashion and entertainment fields to new heights.  However, beneath the abiding exterior lies the "monkey wrench" that may appear when you're not looking. To have a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the year we need to learn about the Five Elements.


The elements exerting influence in 2016 is Fire and Metal. Normally the Fire element signals optimism and excitement however when paired with the unbending and critical Metal element the enthusiasm of the Fire is curbed. The two elements are also in opposition which means that 2016 will be characterized by conflicts both interpersonally and around the world. Watch out for unexpected flare ups of strive and contention in relationships and business dealings.  Global conflicts like those involving the Middle East, North Korea, China and elsewhere shall continue but luckily the hopeful outlook of Fire will bring the parties back to the table for reasonable resolutions. However, look out for industrial accidents involving explosions.


Health wise in 2016 one may be prone to conditions of the heart and cardiovascular system which corresponds to the Fire element as well as the respiratory, intestinal and the immune system--associated with the Metal element. Heart disease and stroke remain the number one killer in America and possibilities of viruses like the Zika virus can get out of hand just like it did when Ebola spread. The key to a healthy year is to take preventive measures to support your cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and and immune functions through nutrition and herbal support, mind-body practices like meditation and chi gong (qigong) and improved personal hygiene.


Generally the Fire element is positive for the stock market but because there is opposition with the Metal element the markets will be subdued this year and in fact, be quite conservative. Industries that will shine include arts, fashion and entertainment. The finance and communications industry should also notch positive gains. Despite a Metal element year and a corresponding optimism for a recovery in the commodities it may leave investors wishing for more. Technology and engineering may also be prepared for a small downturn. Earth element industries including construction will benefit as is Water element industries like water treatment, shipping and transportation. Wood element industries is constrained by the Metal element therefore furnishings and wood products are in for a flat year.


In summary, the Monkey Year of 2016 will bring much entertainment and laughs but also a propensity for conflicts with optimistic resolution. Watch out for problems in your heart, lungs and intestines and keep your immune system strong. Be conservative in your investments, focus on finding passion in your work and cultivate a peaceful and calm mind amid the uncertainty and expect the unexpected.


Below you'll find advice specific to each of the Five Element personality types. To find out what your element type is, click here to take a quiz.


Wood element

In 2016, your element will benefit from the enthusiastic and openness of the Fire but constrained by the regulated Metal.


Fire element

Being that this is a fire and metal year this means double fire for you.  You may find your self being prone to irrational exuberance and Watch out for feelings get hurt by having your bubble pierced by the realistic Metal.


Earth element

This is a favorable year for you as you draw from Fire as the source of your element. Harness the excitement to help motivate you to move forward with your endeavors.


Metal element

This is a double Metal year for you so beware of possible analysis paralysis and let the optimistic Fire move you out of your overly cautious place.


Water Element

You will be riding higher this year as you get fueled by the Metal and lit up by the Fire therefore it's time to get organized and achieve your desires.


Personally, it's important for you to know how this year affects your elemental type specifically. To find out more and learn strategies to deal with potential changes in your physical, mental/emotional, relationship, financial and career health, please click here.