Parents Rejoice: No More Ear Infections

Since I began practicing at Tao of Wellness I have seen my fair share of worried parents and uncomfortable babies and children, families dealing with all the typical issues that bring them to our offices: diaper rash, teething, breastfeeding, and ear infections, to name a few. Each one can run the gamut from being a quickly passing nuisance to becoming a chronic and debilitating issue. Ear infections are especially problematic due to the quick and regular use of antibiotics to deal with them. The short-term issue may be solved, but the long-term effects of antibiotic use over a child’s lifetime may actually make children more susceptible to repeated infections. In recent years, pediatricians have updated their guidelines, advising that only moderate and severe ear infections be treated with antibiotics. There are issues with this:

  1. Medical guideline updates often take a frustratingly long period of time before an entire medical practice area changes its ways, despite readily available information.
  2. Any new parent may still push for antibiotic treatment despite the long-term concerns because the prospect of going home from the doctor’s without a prescription may not seem proactive enough to get their child well and happy again.

Thankfully there are other options available, including one very popular topical treatment available at Tao of Wellness. Our herbal pharmacy has an entire line of herbal products formulated specifically for children. One of them is our herbal ear drops.

I have a seven-year-old son who wasn’t yet one when I began practicing at Tao of Wellness. We had already put him on antibiotics a few times for ear infections and my wife and I had resigned ourselves to this imperfect remedy. Once I started using our clinic’s ear drops he never got another ear infection. We now have a two-year-old daughter as well and she has never had an ear infection or been put on antibiotics, thanks in large part to the timely use of the ear drops. And in my years of working with other families, I have seen them witness similar benefits in their children.

The herbal ear drops at Tao of Wellness are prescribed by one of our physicians after a careful review of the child’s condition. The drops contain antibiotic herbs like Gentiana, Scuttelaria, and dandelion, which work synergistically to kill the invading bacteria, reduce inflammation and pain in the ear canal, and make children and parents happy again. Please leave any questions about our herbal ear drops in the comments below or simply make an appointment to have your child evaluated.

Be well to all!