Tao of Wellness Celebrates its 30th Year in America

In 1976, Drs. Daoshing and Maoshing Ni’s father, Hua-Ching Ni, was invited to the United States to teach the ancient philosophy of Tao and practice the healing art of Chinese medicine. Through his grateful patients, many of them influential politicians who were instrumental in legalizing acupuncture and Chinese medicine in California, his practice became the foundation of the Tao of Wellness today. Tao of Wellness now celebrates its 30th year in America. Tao of Wellness continues the Ni family’s mission of providing the highest standards and quality of Traditional Chinese Medicine to all its patients. This mission has been passed down for 38 generations in the Ni family.


Drs. Dao and Mao continue the Ni family’s Chinese Medicine tradition with their father in the mid-1980s

The Tao of Wellness Advantage

Our Doctors

Our expanding team of doctors are highly trained and experienced in patient care and in the latest medical developments. They undergo continuing education and professional development to ensure they are well versed in the current development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, our doctors take on a team approach at the Tao of Wellness. They meet regularly to discuss ways to provide the best possible care and the most direct healing approach for their patients. They also bring into the meetings challenging cases for which each doctor would provide his or her unique insight and experience. Many patients have been treated successfully with the team approach.

Many of our doctors are internationally and nationally recognized as published authorities in the areas of longevity, infertility, nutrition, herbal health, gynecology, menopause, pain management, stress management, adjunctive cancer therapy, pre-op and post-op recovery and internal medicine.

Our Local and International Resources

Our doctors are able to draw upon the Chinese medical knowledge from the Ni family at both the Tao of Wellness and Yo San University. Yo San University is an accredited nonprofit school of Traditional Chinese Medicine founded by Dr. Mao and Dr. Dao and named after their grandfather, Yo San Ni. It boasts some of the best professors teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as highly recognized Western Clinical instructors. Students at Yo San University go through a rigorous program of over three years before beginning their clinical training, which involves treating patients in the university’s low-cost community clinic as well as other associated healthcare initiatives. The Tao of Wellness recruits from Yo San University some of their best graduates.

In China, Dr. Mao and Dr. Dao have drawn together an expert panel of doctors providing direct access to the latest clinical research, proprietary treatment protocols and case consultations.

Our Interdisciplinary Referrals

Tao of Wellness embraces an integrative approach to medicine. Our doctors often work with other health care professionals in allopathic-conventional medicine, chiropractic, osteopathic, naturopathic and homeopathic medical fields, as well as the psychology, biofeedback and hypnotherapy disciplines. We maintain a referral database of the best healthcare practitioners in various specialties.

Our experience and close relations with many well known medical institutions has often required us to treat patients within hospitals, closely coordinating treatments with some of Los Angles best medical doctors and specialists. The hospitals include: UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica Hospital, St. Johns Health Center, Cedar Sinai Hospital, Brotman Medical Center, Century City Hospital and Daniel Freeman Hospital.

Our Quality Herbs

Tao of Wellness maintains its very own herbal lab, stocked with the highest quality Chinese herbs. Every year, Dr. Mao travels to China to meet with local growers, producers and wholesalers to ensure that we import only herbs of the highest quality and purity. We insist that our herbs be tested for heavy metals and pesticides, and we are also working with growers to encourage them to adopt more natural, organic practices and standards.

Our Herbal Supplements

Besides Chinese medicinal herbs, Tao of Wellness also carries a superior line of herbal supplements and teas (marketed by Traditions of Tao), which were formulated by different generations of the Ni family.

Our Publications

Drs. Dao and Mao’s father, Hua-Ching Ni, is a prolific teacher and writer, and has published over 60 books by the Ni family’s publishing house, SevenStar Communications.

In his books, he answers the many questions posed by his students and patients about health, life, spirituality, and the ancient wisdom of the Ni family Taoist tradition. Other publications include books and audio/visuals by Drs. Dao and Mao on Chinese medicine, nutrition, chi exercise and Taoist philosophy.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of a well organized team of managerial and support personnel. They desire to make your experience from appointment scheduling, receiving a customized herbal formulation or solving problems, a pleasant and caring one.

Our Facility

We have placed special attention on the design and layout of our space, utilizing the ancient principals of feng-shui. Applying these principles, we have organized and incorporated fixtures that allow for a smooth and continual flow of energy, further supporting the health and wellness of our patients and staff.

Our Commitment to You

We commit to delivering to you and your family the highest quality, natural health care experience of Chinese medicine.

Tao Of Wellness Staff