February 18, 2007 Ushers in the Year of the Pig

The Year of the Pig is  symbolized by the elements of fire and water. These two energies are typically in conflict, thus making 2007 a year of continuing conflict, tension and strife. I expect there may be further global unrest, including revolts and regional wars. Despite the destructive tendencies, the water element does give rise to new beginnings and engenders movement, so there will be more opportunity for change and travel. On the personal health front, watch out for fire related illnesses such as anxiety, depression, panic disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, eye problems, and sleep disorders. Watch out also for water related illnesses like kidney and bladder disease. It is important to be extra cautious when traveling as accidents are prone to occur.

I recommend hawthorn berries and apples for a healthy heart, celery juice and olive oil to maintain a normal blood pressure, and Tao of Wellness’s herbal formulas such as Emotional Tranquility for peace and sleep, Perpetual Shield for a healthy immune system and Enduring Youth for a healthy kidney system. Regular tai chi practice and meditation will help you remain calm and relaxed. The exercise tones up your cardiovascular system and the herbs strengthen your immune and kidney systems. If you do not know Tai Chi, next year is an excellent time to learn.

The illusive fire energy can cause overly optimistic expectations within the world financial markets, driving up stocks in the first half of the year leading to declines in the second half due to the instability of fire. Industries expected to do well in the Year of the Pig are commercial real estate, mining, healthcare, high tech and banking.

Even with global conflicts occupying our minds and weighing heavily on our hearts, 2007 has the potential to lay the seeds for a long and lasting peace. In our new book, The Path of Constructive Life, my father and I provide the formula for building a healthy and meaningful life. This formula provides the foundation for peace and healthy spiritual progress for you and for humanity.

For an expanded look at the New Year of the Pig with practical tips, visit our website at www.taoofwellness.com. For classes in Tai Chi and meditation, visit the Tai Chi Studio section of the Yo San University website at www.yosan.edu.