Mastering the Five Powers for Joy and Peace in Your Life

The Path of Constructive Life is a paradigm for happy, healthy and prosperous living. It teaches that the source and path of a peaceful, healthy life of universal harmony lies in the constructive engagement of each person with Mother Nature. Natural conditions provide for the health of all people. Those who wish to enjoy a peaceful, healthy and bountiful life may choose to master the Five Powers. By achieving health of body, mind, spirit, morality and finance, you will have the power to manifest your life the way you envision. The Five Powers

Physical Health

A person is physically productive and responsible for their own health by engaging in longevity and wellness practices. They live a constructive lifestyle and refrain from indulging in negative habits or interests.

Mental Health

A person becomes mentally positive and constructive by balancing their mind and emotions. They develop an educated but unprejudiced mind that does not engage in destructive emotions and negative attitudes.

Spiritual Health

A person gains a pure and open spirit through continual self-development and the performance of service to the world.

Moral Health

A person practices universal morality and nurtures constructive relationships. They treat and serve all people equally, positively and kindly.

Financial Health

A person enjoys a bountiful financial life through the application of sound fiscal practices that do no harm to others. They live within their means and share their abundance with those less fortunate.

These Five Powers provide the way to live a good life, fulfill personal duty, and achieve social responsibility. A person who attains the Five Powers lives in tune with the constructive nature of the universe and experiences peace, happiness and abundance in life. (To learn more about the Five Powers, visit