Good Loving for Healthy Living

Did you know that love not only gives meaning to your life, it brings health    benefits? Human touch, long recognized as a powerful technique, increases the production of endorphins, growth hormone, and DHEA, all of which lengthen your life span and lower the  negative impact of stress. Studies have also found that patients who are regularly touched recover faster than those who are not touched. So give that special someone a hug or massage and feel both of your moods—and health—improve. Centenarians are loved and cherished by their family members; studies show that people that have happy family lives tend to have a longer life span with fewer illnesses. A meaningful relationship with your family does not come automatically, but investing in your relationships will give you a life rich in love, respect, and a sense of belonging. Fill your family with happiness based on trust, mutual help, love, peace, listening, sharing, humility, honesty, and fairness.

So if love equals health, how do we manifest love? Share your time, energy, and self with your loved ones. Look for ways to give back to them and make them happy. For instance, you might cook a meal or do the dishes as a pleasant surprise. Or you might send them a card, listing all of their many special qualities. A gift does not need to be elaborate or expensive, but it should show that you care and appreciate them. As you give freely of your love, you will receive meaningful love in return.

To treat a partner, you might prepare a sensual candle-lit dinner with a glass of wine to warm up the yang energy. Romance can have a powerful effect on a person's emotions and can instantly arouse sexual desires.

As Chinese research indicates, correct sexual practices yield tremendous physical and emotional benefits that include increased circulation, balanced hormonal production, relaxation, greater vigor, and a good mood. For greater satisfaction, it is important to gauge your partner’s mood, energy, and needs so that you may accommodate them. You will find that healthy sexual intimacy is nature’s fountain of youth.