Hangovers: Avoiding the Morning Misery

We hope you enjoy the holidays without experiencing alcohol overdose. But if you do, here are some healthy tips. To prevent hangover: Drink ginger tea along with the alcohol to keep your stomach settled. Thinly slice a 2-inch piece of ginger, boil in three cups water and simmer for five minutes. Or you can buy ginger tea in health food stores.

Heal your aching head: Next morning, try drinking this herbal tea that reduces head pressure. Boil 2 tbsp. each of chrysanthemum flowers and mint leaves (or our Internal Cleanse Tea) in 4 cups of water for 15 minutes. Drink throughout the day. Or make a compress of lavender essential oil added to warm water.

Take Hangover, our traditional herbal product.

Remember—always drink responsibly, and do not drink and drive!