Practices for Healthy Holidays

Eating right during the holidays can mean a happier New Year! Here are a few pointers for practicing a healthy lifestyle! 1. Eat more vegetables, including the dark leafy ones like spinach, chard, and kale.

2. Watch that bread and pasta! Eat grains moderately, and less baked and fried food.

3. Smart eating out! Order only what you can eat.

4. Eat on a regular basis! Don’t skip meals.

5. Exercise or do physical activity: chi gong, biking, running, hiking, going to the gym.

6. Reduce dairy intake! Opt for low-fat dairy products.

7. Sugar! Sugar! Be conscious of the sugar you eat, and eat less.

8. Use the right oil (canola or olive), moderately. Fats contribute to weight gain.

If you need help in learning to eat right, please talk with your Tao of Wellness practitioner who can provide you with a customized plan.