Chinese Medicine for Nursing Baby

For the last 30 years, there has been a huge movement in favor of breastfeeding and the importance of a mother’s breast milk for her baby. There are many women that experience difficulty with breastfeeding. That includes delayed lactation, insufficient milk supply, and other breastfeeding problems. 

Most women think that once they have their baby, breastfeeding will come naturally. The truth is that it can be a very emotional time for a new mother. It can be painful, exhausting, and have several complications. If a woman’s milk supply is low, there are many reasons why a woman may find it challenging to breastfeed. This includes having had a C-section, hypothyroidism, PCOS, insufficient glandular tissue, and previous breast surgery. 

Chinese medicine has helped women with lactation issues for thousands of years. Chinse herbs can help stimulate milk production and are safe for the baby. Acupuncture is also very effective. There are points on the body that help with milk production, as well as with issues like mastitis. From a Chinese medicine perspective, breast milk is made from blood and qi. One reason why a woman may experience low milk production is because there is not enough blood or qi. The other reason can be due to stagnation of qi. Both of these conditions can be treated with acupuncture and herbs. 

It’s important to see a doctor of Chinese medicine so that you are prescribed a formula that is customized to your specific condition. 

Along with the use of Chinese medicine, there are books, supplements, classes, as well as lactation consultants that can come to your home and help you with all issues related to breastfeeding. 

Being a new mom myself, it’s important to remember to be kind and patient with yourself. We can easily become frustrated and stressed about breastfeeding our babies. Make sure to reach out to other new moms to get support. 

Breast milk will always be the number one choice for nourishing your baby, but if needed, it is absolutely fine to supplement with formula. Just be sure to do your research ahead of time as to which formula you may want to use, if it’s necessary. What is most important is that the baby is getting proper nourishment and thriving, while mama stays calm and feels supported during this precious time with her baby.