Quick Tips To Stay Healthy This Fall


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), autumn is associated with the Metal element and the Lung organ. Metal corresponds to order, organization and setting boundaries. Fall is a good time to finish up spring and summer projects and begin to get organized for the coming winter months. Lungs support the energy of “letting go,” so it’s important to let go of unneeded items that are cluttering the home and the mind, in order make room for new ones.


Even though the days are getting shorter, don’t let that be an excuse to stop exercis-ing and moving your body. Take advantage of the cooler weather to take brisk walks or hikes. Nourish the lungs’ energy by breathing deeply, expanding the chest and getting fresh air. Try to start your day by being active, especially if you want to spend the evening cozying up indoors with a warm beverage.


In the cooler days of autumn, you may be more vulnerable to colds and respiratory allergies. In TCM, the lungs govern the protective Qi, which defends the body from viruses and other external pathogens. Support the lungs and immune system with Qi Gong, herbs, acupuncture and foods like onion, radish and pear. Eat more warming foods such as soups, and less cold foods, such as salads.


As the days get more cold and windy, protect yourself by wearing a scarf. In TCM, the wind is said to be the cause of 100 diseases, and an exposed neck is a vulnerable area where the wind can “attack” the body.