Nutrition Corner: Optimizing Your Fertility

The last week of April is National Infertility Awareness Week. Here are some nutrition suggestions for increasing fertility.

  • Avoid cold breakfasts such as smoothies, cold cereal and yogurt. Instead, eat a healthy, warm breakfast such as eggs (a great option because they are so nutrient dense) or a cooked cereal like steel-cuts oats. Consider a cup of bone broth or miso soup, too.

  • Avoid skipping meals.

  • Try to eat mostly fresh and organically grown food—pesticide-treated foods have been linked to a decrease in male fertility.

  • Drink plenty of water, the amount appropriate for your size and weight. An average of eight glasses a day is good.

  • For women, focus more on warm, cooked foods instead of salads and cold desserts like ice cream.

  • Limit your caffeine, alcohol and sugar intake.

  • For variety, rotate between all your veggies and proteins.

  • Support your nutrition by getting plenty of sunshine!