2017 - The Year of the Fire Rooster

Welcome to 2017, the Year of the Fire Rooster! The Chinese astrological calendar is based on a mathematical system that through thousands of years of observation has produced predictable patterns of change in nature and human behavior. Understanding these patterns can help one maximize the positives while minimizing the negatives in his or her life.

This year the Elements at play are Fire and Metal and since they are opposing elements, this portends conflicts, clashes and explosions on the global political stage. This disharmony tendency may spill into personal relationships, so watch out for unexpected misunder-standings and disagreements.

On the health front, be careful about imbalance in the corresponding Fire and Metal organ systems of heart, brain, circulation, lungs, skin and the immune system. The flu and other infectious diseases may be more prevalent this year than in past years.

On the positive side, it will be a year of innovations and upside for industries such as energy, technology, finance, entertainment and real estate. Fire is generally good for the stock market and speculative industries, so the first half of the year energy is on an upward trend. However, the opposing Metal will create much volatility and in the latter half of the year as Fire energy wanes enthusiasm will be dampened too.

Despite international conflicts, there will be enough optimism and open-mindedness among people to ultimately resolve the impasses that may at some point seem futile. Similarly, on the personal level, seek to understand first, then express yourself clearly to avoid miscommunication. Be innovative and think outside the box for win-win solutions. Take care of your heart by exercising regularly and practicing mind-body exercises like Tai Chi and Qi Gong to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Learn to meditate if you don’t already do it. It’s good for your heart. Eat probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut, tempeh and kefir to beef up your microbiome—your intestinal flora that supports healthy immune system and lung function. Take herbs that support your Element for optimal heart and lung function.

To discover your Five Element Personality, take our quiz at www.infinichi.com. If you’re interested in advice specific to your Element for the Year of the Fire Rooster, please continue reading.


Metal will exert strong control over your core Wood element, therefore be on the lookout for pain, especially headaches and neck pain, as well as tendonitis, high blood pressure, anxiety, feeling down, laryngitis, digestive problems like ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. Eat more greens for the stress-busting B vitamins and fish for the inflammation-fighting omega oils. Take plenty of time for R & R. Wood Element Herbal Formula is blended for balancing your Type A personality so that you can relax and let go more easily. Meditate instead of medicating your stress away. Your tendency to get hot headed may inadvertently lead to unintended fights and hurt feelings. Write down what your intentions really are before communicating your feelings. Manage your money cautiously and avoid getting caught up in the hype around you. Know that the first half of the year you will benefit from optimism and creative fire that will propel your work and career to new heights.


In this double Fire year you have a tendency for extremes. Your passion and creativity will be turbocharged. Breakthroughs and innovations are in order for you this year if you can focus your energy and efforts and not allow distractions to scatter your focus. Beware of stress and over-excitement, which can exert pressure on your heart and create health problems, mainly in the areas of sleep, emotional regulation and heart function. Fire Element Herbal Formula is designed to calm your excess of Fire and restore your peaceful state of being. Bitter greens can also cool your heat while alcohol will fuel it in a bad way. Your hyperactive tendency may push people away and cause you to react in a hurtful way. Slow down and stop rushing as healthy relationships cannot be built overnight. This is generally a good year for your financial health as your creative endeavors will bear fruit, but only if you are cool-headed in harvesting and saving up.


The influence of Fire will be very positive for your Earth personality this year, giving you fuel to literally move mountains and remove obstacles to your goals. Consummate opportunities that are more abundant in the first half of the year by moving quickly, then take care in the second half of the year by moving more cautiously. You may find yourself vulnerable to digestive and weight problems as well as respiratory and food allergies; excess mucus; plaque, clots and blockages in arteries; and fatigue. Avoid cow dairy, sugar and gluten and emphasize more cooked and less raw foods. Supplement with Earth Element Herbal Formula to support healthy digestion and metabolism. You will feel fulfilled from being more assertive with your needs in relation-ships instead of being your usual overly giving and caring self. Seize the year and take action and you will be better for it.


Double Metal this year means you may have a hard time resisting your critical nature. The world is not perfect to be sure, but you will benefit if you allow the optimistic Fire to uplift you from dire reality. Sharpen your focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Do the same in life and in relationships. Praise always and criticize infrequently. On the health front, you may be prone to serious lung and skin problems such as pneumonia, eczema, and hives as well as heart insufficiency due to fluid accumulation. Reinforce your immune system with Metal Element Herbal Formula. Meditate on gratefulness and compassion. You will excel in your work as a result of your analytical talents. In this Fire year, you’d be better off interpreting hard, cold data by noting uplifting and positive virtues and not just the negative. Capitalize on the silver lining in things and you will profit handsomely.


Fire and Metal Elements actually benefit and mobilize the usually slow and overly cautious Water Personality, so get ready for more action and movement this year. Your imagination will spark and your productivity will increase with kinetic frequency. You may find yourself traveling more this year, which may stretch your health capacity and potentially cause you to switch on your survival mode. This can lead to adrenal exhaustion, urinary and kidney weakness, hormonal imbalance, asthma, cough, shortness of breath, or heart rhythm issues. Be sure to drink enough water and keep electro-lytes in check. Restore your kidney/adrenal systems with Water Element Herbal Formula and be sure to practice Five Elements Qi Gong to balance your body and mind. Be more open and communicative to increase trust and intimacy in your relationships. Once you have a plan, whether it be financial or work related, follow through and you will find that success is within your grasp.