Pump Up Your Metabolism With Chi Gong For Weight Wellness

Chi Gong is a mind-body form of exercise that combines meditation, breath, posture and simple movements to support specific functions of your body. Chi Gong for Weight Wellness was designed to boost metabolic fire, increase detoxification, lower stress and energize your whole being. In years past, people who practiced our Tao of Wellness Chi Gong for Weight Wellness for 10 weeks reported an average weight loss of over 10 pounds. Individual results vary, of course, depending on diet, stress and other factors.  
Here is one of the exercise from this class series that you can start doing right away at home or work: 
Stand with your legs wider than your shoulders. Inhale slowly and deeply and join your palms together at the middle of your chest. Exhale slowly and deeply and squat down with your legs still wide while keeping your spine and head straight and hands joined at your chest. Straighten your legs to rise, drop your hands to your sides and repeat the exercise 10 times, increasing to 30 repetitions over time. 
Do not hurry, and keep your movements smooth and breath long.

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