Not Trying Too Hard

Recently I had a conversation with a patient and suggested, “Don’t try so hard.” From my own experience and understanding, we are often brought up and encouraged to put all our effort into doing what we feel passionate about. We are taught to “try our hardest” and apply all our effort to our tasks. If we are always doing this, we will soon exhaust ourselves. Working at Tao of Wellness, I have had to learn a different way of doing things: correctly but effortlessly. This is what is meant by not trying so hard. When there is effort, often there is tension, tightness and holding the breath. Then, the chi does not flow smoothly. The wonderful feeling immediately after acupuncture is the smooth flow of chi throughout your body. It is this chi that feeds us and keeps us going strong. The more it flows, the more we can do. The goal is to feel energized in your everyday activities, especially work. Chi that is flowing smoothly also keeps you connected and supported by the surrounding natural energy.

This way, it is not just putting your energy into changing the world. You are allowing the universal chi to flow through you and through your words so they can touch others. The challenge is to keep this wonderful feeling while you are productively working on your projects. When you write, it is your chi and sincerity that people feel in your words, not just the words on the page. When someone reads your work, it is like they are sitting down with your energy and having a conversation. It is this that inspires the reader to make changes in their way of viewing the world.

It is important to be productive and do your work but not to try too hard. By not forcing things, you allow the creative energy to flow through you. Utilizing the natural and inexhaustible universal energy, you can conserve your individual energy.