Tai Chi: A Source of Good Health, Peace of Mind and Yes, Even Love

My first Tai Chi lesson began at the age of six and my first instructor was my father, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. On weekends and after school, my father and I would practice the ancient movements in a clearing along the Zhou River or on the slopes of the Fenghuang Mountains. I studied other martial art forms as well, although Tai Chi’s slow movements built up not only my physical strength and chi, but also sparked a greater peace of mind and a heightened sensitivity and awareness. Tai chi offers forms of balancing one’s body, such as;

  • It slows breathing and relaxes the mind.
  • Tai Chi’s sequential and varied forms, imitate the movements of animals, which brings the mind into focus and aligns the central nervous system.
  • The coordinated movement of head, eyes, arms and legs recalibrate the inner ear, which controls our sense of balance.
  • Tai Chi is slow, steady movements strengthened muscle and bone.
  • Tai Chi corrects posture.
  • The low-intensity movements make it an accessible form of exercise for almost everyone, not only athletes, but seniors and young adults as well.
  • The slow, continuous movements help condition the heart and vascular system.
  • Tai Chi allows the body and mind to find rest, sparking greater mental alertness.
  • Tai Chi benefits our own health, as well as the health of others. For instance, when treating patients, the doctors here at the Tao of Wellness are able to transfer our Qi to our patients.
  • Tai Chi is known as a form of medicine that can help patients with most chronic conditions.

By the time I was 8 years old, I was studying various types of martial arts, under the instruction of many teachers. I trained before and after school. By the time I was in medical school, I was the school’s martial arts team captain. One of my students was Xiaomei Cai, who made the greatest impression on me and later became my wife. She is also a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Tao of Wellness. So you see, Tai Chi brought not only physical and mental health, it brought me love.

For classes on Tai Chi and other movement forms contact Yo San University at 310.577.3000 or go to www.yosan.edu