Rite of Passage for the Millennium

Ring in the Millennium by performing a special ritual to renew your spirit and enhance your well being in the year to come. Wake before sun rise and hike to the top of a hill nearby. Greet the sun rise by bowing to the sun or perform salutations three times. Exhale through your mouth three times to consciously blow out all the negativity from the past. Inhale through your mouth seven times to usher positive light into your life and your whole being. Recite a passage from the following invocation, Ceremony for Renewal and Enrichment of Body, Mind and Spirit:

“From all directions comes the true, positive energy which brings innumerable blessings. All disasters are eliminated and all miseries vanish. Spirits of the Pure Origin protect me, and the eyes of Heavenly Immortals watch over me. My life is peaceful and trouble-free because I unite my heart and mind with the eternal Way. The balancing, Universal Will and my will become one. The younger brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who learn the natural subtle truth follow the Way and use this tradition as their vantage point to unite with the divine spiritual beings who are present. With endless salutations, your humble student is bathed in divine energy forever.”

Bow to the sun or perform salutations three times. Hold the good thoughts in your mind for the rest of the day (and year.) (For a complete ceremony and invocation please refer to “The Workbook for Spiritual Development”, p.161-164 by Hua-Ching Ni.)

Optional activities:

  • light incense made of sandalwood to awaken the senses
  • mix 4 parts distilled water, 1 part vinegar in a clean spray bottle and spray in and out around your home for purification
  • review and modify your goals for the next year, decade or the rest of your life
  • make it a point to include in your goals: simply your life, increase joy, improve your health and reduce stress
  • pay tribute to your deceased loved ones by arranging a vase of flowers, light a candle and dedicate the day to their memory
  • make a commitment to avoid spending more money on health in the last two weeks of your life than your whole life up to that point by living preventively, doing such things as regular massages, membership at the gym, eating organic and health foods, and taking time off to smell the roses
  • enlist those people who will be a positive influence to you in supporting you and accomplishing your goals
  • fast for an entire day by drinking at each hour: purified water, vegetable and fruit juices, vegetable broth, herbal teas like the Ancient Treasures Tea for cleansing, calming and circulation
  • commit to spiritual growth by reading books, listening to tapes and attending classes and workshops
  • end the day by repeating the invocation Ceremony for Renewal and Enrichment of Body, Mind and Spirit and start to keep a daily journal for reflection. Meditate before bedtime and be thankful for the opportunities you have been given.