Qi Gong for Stress Release

Qi Gong for stress release aims to regulate the whole body into a calm, relaxed and natural state through a step-by-step rhythmic relaxation method. There are four types of meditation and each work by activating Qi, (life energy) and blood harmonize the internal organs to help reduce anxiety, improve sleep and relieve pain. Sit, stand or lie down, whichever is most relaxing for you. Curl your tongue so that the bottom of it touches the upper palate and let the eye lids slightly droop.  Your spine should be straight but relaxed; do not stiffen your muscles. Focus your mind to the spot right below the belly button, which is called Dantian and modulate your breathing with deep breaths.  This is the preparation you will use with each meditation.

The first meditation is called the “triple-route method”, it has three individual routes. Starting with the first route, breathe in deeply and silently recite the word “relax or calm” while you exhale. Mentally relax each part of the route before moving onto the next. The first route is from the top of the head, over the shoulders, down the upper arms to elbows, then forearms, wrists and hands to the fingertips. The second route is from the face, down the throat to the chest, abdomen and thighs, down the shins, and finally to the feet and toes. The third route starts from the back of the head, going down the back of the neck to the upper back then to the lower back, tailbone, over the posterior, down the hamstring to the calves and finally to the soles of both feet.

The second meditation is called “waterfall”. After modulating your breathing, imagine yourself at the base of a waterfall. As you breathe in and out picture the water gently raining down, traveling each route until the whole body is relaxed.

The third meditation is called “oneness”. It uses the same imagery as the waterfall, only instead of relaxing certain sections at a certain time, the whole body relaxes instantaneously. Let the image of the water wash away the stress or anxiety immediately.

The last meditation is called “releasing”. Certain parts of the body can carry and feel stress or anxiety more than others.

Focus your mind on these locations and silently recite the word “relax or calm” while exhaling, until these tension points release.

The first meditation can be found on “Stress Release Meditation” CD available at Tao of Wellness.