The Power of Crane Style Qigong

The room was small but the energy in the room was overflowing. This eager old man along with his entourage of family was very excited to show me something he had been working on for the past three months. Life has not been the same since the stroke, he has lost most of the mobility in his left arm and leg. You can always blame this on several years of cooking with lard and consuming too many sweets and pork. Then again, that is the national diet of Chinese people; he did not know any better. In this small cramped clinic of the hospital, I was busy caring for mostly stroke patients (my first assignment as a visiting resident in this understaffed hospital). It seems to me there are many people, mostly men who are annoyed by the suffering and have lost their lust for living. But this man was different, you can tell by his eyes. He had patience and he took up my advice—of asking him to learn and practice Crane Chi Gong in a regular class provided by the hospital. He practiced it as much as he could with his limited body but unlimited enthusiasm. With all his strength, he stood up in front of me from his wheel chair with assistance from his relatives. Enthusiastically, he proceeded quickly to try to lift his left arm. It jerked then moved upward as if an old compressed bed frame spring has been let loose. There were roars and cheers around the room, but I did not seem to notice.  I was just staring at the pearls of tears streaming down his eyes. I knew they were tears of joy.

In the past 20 years of my practice, I have seen the power of Crane Chi Gong in my patients.  It has helped shrink fibroids, rid chronic pains, rehabilitate paralysis, and overcome infertility. These patients share something in common; they have practiced Crane Chi Gong diligently, daily, and with hawk-like focus and attention. They have put my own practice to shame. No wonder 20 million people in China have benefited so much from these Chi Gong practices.

Many diseases have been cured or managed. Countless patients suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many others illnesses have all seen benefits from practicing Crane Qi Gong. These exercises are all about harvesting your own healing power and energy from Nature. Incorporating specific breathing techniques and guided movements, Crane Qi Gong is soothing, peaceful and invigorating. It is also a way for me to cleanse myself from a hard day’s work of germs, illnesses and negative energies.

I ask you to give it a try. There is nothing more important to us here at Tao of Wellness than to see you improve your health and wellness.