What are Those Points on Top of My Head for?

Frequently during your acupuncture treatments, our gentle healers will use acupuncture points on top of your head.  They are virtually pain free, and at times they give a very nice, calming feeling throughout the whole body. You might wonder what these points are and why we use them. One of the most common points at the very top of the head is called “Bai-hui.” It is literally translated as “the meeting place of the hundreds.” It means a place where all the energies of our body converge and meet. It is a very powerful point and is used for many purposes.

To begin with, it has a wonderfully calming effect. If you feel stressed, tense, anxious, depressed, or are having trouble sleeping, we will use it. This point is also the meeting point of all the Yang energy in the body. So by activating this point, it not only relaxes you, but also provides increased energy and mental focus. It does this by descending muddled energy, while raising the clear energy. It is therefore useful when treating things like fatigue, lethargy, poor mental focus and weak memory. Bai-hui also strengthens endocrine functions for things like hypothyroidism, weak adrenals and low hormone levels. In fact, it is considered the master point for the endocrine and nervous systems.

As Bai-hui helps with such a variety of conditions, don’t be surprised if you often find yourself relaxing during your acupuncture session with this point atop your head.