A Pearl of Wisdom

The fourth emperor of China’s Ching Dynasty, Chien Long, was touring the Yangtze River. As he stood on a hill looking out to the river, he saw many merchants’ junks busily sailing along the river. He was very pleased with the business activity on the river. Casually he asked a monk next to him, “How many junks do you think are out there?” The monk replied, “I only see two. One is fame and the other is fortune.” In this material world, the majority of people are driven to Fame and Fortune. Most of the time, we spend all our lives sacrificing our souls chasing after something that not only eludes us but also enslaves us. This becomes one reason for never being happy.

Happiness comes from within, not from the outside. Stimulation and material goods can only provide us with momentary happiness. If we are not happy inside, we will never be happy regardless of the outside excitement. This constant unhappiness can cause stress to our body and cause illness.

Allow yourself, throughout your day, time to daydream, take naps, enjoy the sun, and just simply relax. Let your smile come out of your heart and radiate to every fiber and every cell of your being.