A Pearl of Wisdom

There was once a farmer who grows rice in the paddy field to support his living. One year, his grains were growing very slowly. He was very worried. One day, he decided to go to the paddy field to pull on the young seedlings to help the rice stalks grow taller and faster. He came home exhausted and did not return to his paddy field for a few days. When he finally returned to his paddy field, all the rice plants were yellow and dead. Growth takes time and every growth has its own timing and development. Forcing growth inappropriately and in the wrong timing can invite disaster. This principle applies to all aspects of our life - especially health. In  the hasty pursuit of wanting to get healthier quicker, we might take too many or too strong of medications, or exercise too fast or too hard. This tends to increase the chance of injury which leads to failure and finally disappointment. We are in the culture of quick fixes. Unfortunately many quick fixes are not permanent and sometimes bring on other problems. Getting healthier is a gradual process and needs to be a long term commitment and goal. This will ensure the success of our pursuit   of better health.

So slow down sometimes.  Look around. Sense yourself and your surroundings.  Enjoy the procession of life.