What are Those Needles on Top of my Head for?

Frequently during your acupuncture treatments, our gentle healers will place these ever so tiny needles on top of your head. They are virtually pain-free and at times they give a very nice calming feeling throughout the whole body. What are these points and what are they for? One of the most common points at the very top of our head is called “Baihui”. It is literally translated as “the meeting of the hundreds.” It means a place where all the energies of our body converge and meet. It is a very powerful point and is used for many purposes.

To begin with, it has a wonderful calming effect.  If your pulse feels wiry or tense to us, we will select it. If you are under stress or much tension in your life, we will select it. If you suffer from depression and anxiety, we will select it. If you suffer from irregular sleep patterns, we will select it. Don’t be surprised if we are always using this point for some of you.

This point is also the meeting point of all the Yang energy of your body. Translated it means by gently stimulating this point you will have an increased energy level and better mental focus and relaxation at the same time. It is therefore selected for chronic fatigue, lethargy, and poor mental focus and memory. This is also a point that is used to strengthen endocrine functions, and therefore is frequently used in hypothyroidism, hormone weakness, and adrenal insufficiencies. As one of the highest points of the body, it is considered as the master point of all endocrine and nervous system.

Another point is behind your neck, called Fengchi. It is literally translated as “the Pond of Wind”. It is another powerful point with many purposes. Foremost it is used for headaches and neck pains. It is a point that frequently carries the physical tension of the body. When our immunity is under siege, fighting sickness such as a common cold, this point can become tender and achy upon touch. It is also a very good point for regulating blood pressure and blood circulation.

These two points are just some of the many points in your head used for many different conditions. So next time, when you get “needled” in these points,  you will know why!

Happy Needling!