Let Go with a Natural Detox

Every few months, participants convene at Tao of Wellness to undergo a complete detoxification during our three-day weekend retreats. In designing the Tao of Wellness Cleansing and Detoxification program, our doctors drew upon centuries-old Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to solve modern problems. Chemical-laden food and a polluted environment can lead to many serious illnesses such as: cancer, degenerative diseases, infertility, and genetic changes. People also detoxify to prepare
for pregnancy,to quit addictions, to stimulate creativity or to purge lingering illnesses. Participants from across the country join Tao of Wellness patients to engage in this opportunity to “let go.” Acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, dry-brushing, tuina body-work, Infinichi, qi gong, and far-infrared sauna provide a complete therapy for the retreats. Interactive talks with our doctors educate participants about the process of purging chemical toxins from their bodies and emotional toxins from their minds. Nutritious yet delicious meals are provided.

To some, the detox can be challenging. A lingering cold might worsen before clearing, an emotion may seem to come from nowhere, or there may be more trips to the bathroom. Our detox protocol uses the body’s natural exit-points—the bowels, the bladder and the skin’s sweat glands—to expel toxins that prevent us from experiencing our innate health and wellness. When the body is cleansed in this way, a person may symptomatically re-experience these toxins as they are being released. Each person detoxifies in a unique way, and some participants experience a smooth transformation.

Regardless of how we detox, the importance is having the experience. We learn from what our bodies show us when faced with this letting-go process, when we eat differently or when we are challenged by a health concern. At a Cleansing and Detoxification Retreat, you move through this deep process with the support of a friendly, expert staff, as well as a community of peers.