Kids' Corner

Growth, development, regeneration and repair occur quickly during childhood. We call this a “Pure Yang” phenomenon, when the body’s functional activities are fast-paced. It is especially important to provide proper nutrition during this time. Because a child’s organ systems are in the process of development, they can easily become injured or diseased. Symptoms and conditions change quickly, and the first signs of illness may come on suddenly. Energy level is a good indicator of a child’s daily health state.

The young immune system is in a “virgin state,” and is constantly in the process of “learning” from each new pathogen it contacts. Childhood illnesses such as colds, flus, allergies, sinusitis and ear infections train a child’s immune system to be more efficient upon each encounter.

A child’s alimentary tract is fragile and digestive juice secretion is weak. Because of this, colic is commonly seen from age 3 months to 8 months old, while indigestion can last up to 8 years of age. A proper diet begins with liquid foods, then add more solids as the child ages.

The partially developed immune system fights infection, and this struggle creates heat in the body. Fever is an exercise of the immune system and not necessarily a terrible phenomenon. In fact, it may serve to shorten an illness. Although 98.6 degrees is considered the norm, this varies. Know your child’s normal temperature. A fever above 102 degrees requires cooling. Avoid aspirin, which can trigger Reye’s Syndrome, and follow the package instructions when using Acetaminophen. Increase water intake, and use cold towels to soothe the child.

When herbs are given at the onset of a sniffle, the cold can be reduced or eliminated. Tao of Wellness provides a basic home care pack for our current and past patients. This includes two finely ground herb powders to address common symptoms. Please call our office if you are interested in purchasing the home care pack.