Herbs, Pills and Powders Used at Tao of Wellness

The use of Chinese herbal formulas in pill form dates back thousands of years. Traditionally, powdered herbs were mixed with honey to form the round pill shape and preserve them for storage. Dosages had to be large  because these herb powders were not concentrated. In recent times, the old methods have been updated and improved upon. Most herbs used in these formulas have been freshly harvested from regions all over China, and all have passed through a careful selection process to ensure good quality raw materials. The herbs undergo a preliminary stage of processing before being mixed in combinations. These combined formulas are chosen from among traditional formulas that have been used for centuries and those that modern research and experienced Chinese practitioners have found to be effective.

The formulas are prepared with water, or in some instances alcohol, at low temperatures to extract the vital components. These decoctions are then concentrated into a paste and mixed with honey and a small amount of the original powder to form pills or tablets. This method is advantageous not only because the ingredients have been highly concentrated, but they have also been sterilized.

All the herb pills and powders we use have met U.S. F.D.A. standards for heavy metals, bacteria and pesticide residues. We are committed to using only the highest quality herb products from manufacturers who are continually experimenting and conducting research to further the field of Chinese herbal medicine.