Happy New Year of the Horse

The year of the Horse in 2014 symbolizes momentum, movement and action so expect lots of travel and a hectic schedule. If you have a clear purpose, the momentum of the horse year shall carry you the distance. Although you will accomplish much, you must keep your impulsiveness in check in order to avoid confrontation and challenges that will stand in your way. In other words, you must learn to ride and steer your horse lest you lose control and risk losing much. According to the I Ching, 2014 is characterized by the Wood and Fire elements. Although these elements are in a creative alignment because Wood gives birth to Fire, this year is characterized by too much Fire! Therefore on the global level there will be more heated conflicts and turmoil, explosions, and natural disasters.

On the economic front, there will be positive news and optimism as economies continue to improve in the US and around the globe. The US stock market will continue its upward trend as it is directly associated with the Fire element. The industries that will benefit from this year’s energy dynamics and economic growth include banking, computing, technology, engineering, transportation, shipping, automobiles, and communications.

Physical Health

The Wood element is related to your liver, nervous system and head while the Fire element is related to your heart, cardiovascular system and circulation. Initiate a gentle liver cleansing and detoxification program with lemon in hot water, fresh vegetable juices and Internal Cleanse Tea. Avoid coffee, alcohol, red meat and fatty, fried foods. For heart health, eat fish or take fish oils, exercise regularly, and keep your stress low and blood pressure down by practicing Stress Release Meditation.

Emotional Health

Anger is your chief enemy this year. If explosive, it can hurt others and create health problems for your liver, nervous system and heart. Unexpressed anger can turn into depression and resentment. Learn to regularly express your emotions verbally or through journaling. Channel your anger towards productive means such as starting a new exercise regime.

Spiritual Health

Cultivating a spiritual understanding of life can help you develop a deeper perspective on the human condition. When you are spiritually developed, you can transform anger into compassion, anxiety into peace, and confusion into clarity. You shall find the divine purpose of your existence and transcend suffering. I suggest you begin reading a spiritual book, like Entering the Tao. I also recommend learning qi gong and tai chi, which are moving meditations that connect you to the universal source of all existence.

Relationship Health

Wood and Fire elemental years often exhibit tendencies for stubbornness and impulsivity.
Learn to control your impulsiveness. Think through the consequences of your actions and respond deliberately. Be flexible, compromising and adaptable in order to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution. These are strategies to help you maintain healthy relationships both at work and at home.

Financial Health

The Fire element fans optimism while the Wood element promotes impulsivity. This a poor combination that will lead to gambling and taking unwise financial risks. You must temper your optimism with caution, and temper your impulsivity with research and discipline. Set realistic financial goals and outline clear steps to achieve them. If you follow these steps with discipline but remain flexible to accommodate changing conditions, you will have a good chance of increasing your financial health this year.

In summary, the year of the horse shall bring unique challenges and rewards. By learning from the insights and wisdom of the iChing, you can actualize the positive trends of the year, avoid pitfalls, and realize your personal potential.