Getting To Sleep

As winter approaches, our energy slows along with the rest of our environment. We do not hibernate like bears or lose our leaves like the trees, but we do require more rest at this time of year. For many, it might be just 30 minutes more sleep. For some, it could be another hour or two of regenerative rest each day. This natural understanding may give you the permission you need to take that extra nap or get to sleep earlier. This can seem difficult with our busy lives, yet we must make our rest as important as any other appointment. Put your sleeping times on your calendar and set a night-time alarm to remind you to get to bed. Without adequate rest, it may be difficult over time to continue at the pace to which you are accustomed. This will make your waking hours that much harder for you, but also can make existing insomnia worse. Prevent bad sleep habits from worsening and address existing issues now. If you feel you have tried everything, here are some other considerations: Clear Your Head

For those with endless running thoughts, try this solution. Before going to bed, write down absolutely everything on your mind. It does not need to make sense or be legible. Write about all the tasks, frustrations, and feelings until you can write no more. Then tear this up, throw it away or burn it, and go to bed.

Consider Electricity

Our systems are bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from wireless gadgets, mobile phones, as well as the outlets and electrical wiring in our homes. Unplug all outlets within 6 feet of you at night. If possible, shut off all electricity running to your bedroom at the breaker box. Find more information at

Improve Relations with your bedroom...and the people in it.

If you find frustrations mounting at the mere sight of your bed, or if there are riffs between you and your bedroom partner, consider counseling. Why face all this alone? We can expand your healing team with the recommendation of a talented therapist.

Custom Sleep Formulas

Many of our insomnia patients came to us because of other reasons. Your practitioner will educate you on the connections between your chief complaints and the reasons why sleep is not happening. We prescribe valerian root, melatonin, chamomile, or one of several herbal capsules to take before bed to gently calm the body. Additionally, ask about a custom formula that addresses both your sleep needs and your other concerns. Herbs like zizyphus seed, oyster shell, and fleece flower stem are commonly used in custom formulas for relaxation, and to stimulate hormone circulation and production of neurotransmitters, which help you sleep when you are ready.