Detox Attendee’s Testimonial Reveals Path of Integration

In July of this year, an attendee at the Cleansing-Detox weekend came from a life in crisis and carried away not only renewed health and happiness but tools she could use to enhance the rest of her life. Here is her testimonial:

I’ve studied Taoism, been treated with acupuncture, meditated, and practiced tai chi for almost half of my life, but these were independent efforts without integration. The sudden deaths within a week of each other of my twin sister and father caused internal and external crises I couldn’t overcome. By summer 2008, I was falling apart after two years of trying to keep things together.

My husband handed me a copy of one of Master Ni’s articles from a tai chi magazine on an early July Sunday morning, two weeks before a Cleansing-Detox weekend at the Tao of Wellness. As I read the article, things clicked into place in my mind. It was the clearest, most concise and complete explanation of integrated Taoism I’d ever read. I’d searched years for this!

I went straight to the internet to find a listing of Master Ni’s books and information on Yo San University. Instead, I ended up at the Tao of Wellness website where, in the middle of the page, I found information on the upcoming Detox weekend.

I already had airline tickets for a nine-day meditation retreat in Southern California. The dates fit. The Detox weekend occurred at the end of the retreat, the two events were eight miles apart, and there was an opening! The synchronicities were too much to ignore! I faxed my information, was accepted, and flew from the mountains of Colorado to California.

It’s been five weeks and I’ve lost fourteen pounds. I’m still on the diet and herbs. The Detox was rough; everything must come out before one can heal. It hurts! But I’m feeling clear, clean, and happier than I’ve been in a long time.

I don’t know where this will take me, but the path I found at Tao of Wellness is a culmination of years of searching. The integration of philosophy, practice, nutrition, energy, and spirit is unique. In deepest gratitude, thank you!