Clear Your Sinus Allergies with Chinese Medicine

Spring is in the air again, the time of year that brings us the opportunity to go outside and play. Blue skies, sunshine and wildflowers are in abundance and for some of us, spring also means allergy season.  A picnic in the park is no picnic when you can’t breathe. Allergic rhinitis, literally inflammation of the sinus and nasal passages, affects more than 50 million Americans every year. Sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, headaches, and nasal congestion are just a few of the symptoms experienced by people who suffer from seasonal allergies. Pollens, weeds, and dust trigger our immune system to fight back, releasing histamines that take our normal immune response to a whole new level of discomfort. Unfortunately, an over-reactive immune system can lead to sinus infections that compromise our immune system and our daily activity even further.

We see many patients with seasonal allergies at the Tao of Wellness, especially at this time of year. Recently I treated a patient with itchy, red, watery eyes and congested sinuses. Using a personalized combination of treatments, including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and dietary recommendations, I was able to help alleviate her symptoms and re-establish a strong, healthy immune system.

Acupuncture helps boost and regulate the immune system. Our patients report a reduction of symptoms following treatment and a renewed sense of overall energy.

Customized Chinese herbal formulas consisting of herbs such as magnolia flower, angelica root, and xanthium flower can help reduce microbes that cause inflammation. Taken as a tea or in a capsule, they help alleviate symptoms and also strengthen the immune system over time.

Proper nutrition and supplementation can also help diminish allergic reactions.  Consider taking vitamins C and D and eating foods high in quercetin, like onions, green tea, and apples. Avoiding mucus-forming foods such as dairy products can also be helpful. An amazing product we offer at Tao of Wellness is our nasal spray, which is effective with nasal congestion and other symptoms of allergies. Our patients swear by it, as do I.

Another approach to dealing with seasonal allergies is qigong and breathwork, mind-body exercises that increase circulation and assist the lymph nodes in doing their job of cleansing your body. Gentle enough for even the worst allergy symptoms, these exercises can be tailored to your specific needs, supporting  your efforts to become strong once again.

Please send us your comments, questions, or success stories. We want to know how Tao of Wellness can help you or has already helped you reduce your allergy symptoms, enabling you to get back outside again.