Chinese Athletes Succeed with Secret Performance Power

The Olympics arrived with unprecedented fanfare, and the world watched as the Chinese competed to display their mettle in athletics. In a system where athletes are groomed and trained in such a disciplined and enduring manner since childhood, winners become celebrities overnight and losers …well, become losers for years to come. There have always been too many people in China. I grew up in Taiwan, and my junior high school had over 6,000 pupils. The sheer number of people fostered a culture of intense competition, and athletics were not an exception. I competed in track meets and won two gold metals in the 800-yard run at the annual intramural competition.

I attribute my success to the practice of chi gong. I was not favored to come out a winner. However, I had been studying the arts of meditation, chi gong and tai chi chuan since childhood. When I joined the track team after winning my gold medals, I discovered that chi gong was an integral part of the training. I also found out that many great athletes in China used chi gong to help them excel in sports.

Practicing chi gong, I learned to have better concentration and endurance. Chi gong is a set of breathing exercises that contribute to relaxation and focus. It is practiced by millions of people in China and is helpful in reducing stress and improving productivity and performance.

Chi gong is also used as a medical therapy to increase a patient’s healing power and immune system functions. It is commonly taught to cancer patients as well as to patients with chronic illnesses. I have successfully used chi gong exercises to help my infertility patients. Overall, this practice provides an incredible boost to vitality and refines the body’s energy to stay poised and balanced.

China’s success at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games can only be attributed to the discipline and rigors of Chinese training that include chi gong exercise. Yet you can reap the benefits of chi gong yourself by practicing on a regular basis to maintain good mental and physical health.