Artichokes: Your Liver’s Best Friend

Spring: Season of the Liver In Chinese nutrition, the therapeutic and energetic properties of food are carefully considered. Specifically, Chinese nutrition seeks to strengthen vulnerable organ systems and maintain balance between energies and organs. Each season of the year corresponds to a particular organ. It is important to eat foods that support the organ of the season and help the body cope with that season’s weather conditions.

In spring, the season of regeneration and growth, it is important to eat foods that will cleanse and improve the function of the liver as well as prepare the body for summer’s heat. Sour flavors like lemon and vinegar are helpful to your liver.

Artichokes to Your Liver’s Rescue!

It goes without saying that if we want to live far into the future, we need livers that function properly. Most people have livers that are burdened by chemical overload and do not function optimally. Artichokes can help. This delicious vegetable is a powerful liver protector because it contains a flavonoid called silymarin, a strong antioxidant. Studies on animals have shown that silymarin may be helpful against liver toxicity and cancer. When they are in season, steam and eat artichokes regularly to keep your liver performing at its optimum.