Acupuncture Face-Lift: Rejuvenation Starts from Within

Many patients over the years have requested “face-lift” or “face-toning” treatments at Tao of Wellness. We have happily and successfully administered these special rejuvenation treatments which emphasize an overall anti-aging philosophy that believes one’s face is ultimately a reflection of one’s internal health and emotional well being. The Tao of Wellness Rejuvenation Program includes eight components: 1) acupuncture treatments 2) herbal supplements 3) topical applications 4) diet and nutrition 5) massage 6) stress release/mind conditioning 7) exercise, and 8) lifestyle/environment. The advantage of our Rejuvenation Program lies in its holistic approach that addresses the actual causes of skin aging, as opposed to procedures like plastic surgery, which mask without correcting the underlying imbalances. Plastic surgery may suit the needs of the people who do not want to work at changing their health habits.

Let’s get into how the Rejuvenation Program works. Some patients require immediate results, say, for a part in a movie they are starring in shortly.

These cases call for intensive therapy that involves 2-3 acupuncture treatments each week for 6 to 8 weeks, facial massage twice a week for the same duration. The other components of the program remain essentially the same. But normally, most people opt for the long term approach which requires acupuncture treatments once a week for 3-4 months, then maintenance treatments once a month thereafter. Additionally, they are given herbal supplements that nourish the skin and promote healthy body functions within. Patients are counseled on special diet and nutritional intake designed to detoxify as well as tonify. Facial massage is performed weekly or every other week. Patients are also encouraged to self-massage with our special Regenerating Cream and Tonic Oil daily. Appropriate exercises, including Chi/energy and cardiovascular types can contribute to improved blood flow into the face and elsewhere. Maintaining equanimity of the mind and minimizing stress are essential in preventing and reducing wrinkle formation on one’s face. We teach our patients methods to achieve inner harmony through meditation and other techniques. Lifestyle and environment also impact our health cumulatively. Ever notice that lack of sleep or sleeping -in late causes those bags under your eyes? How about air conditioning drying out your skin? What about sun damage and what to do? We educate our patients about the importance of a good lifestyle and how to counteract adverse environmental conditions.

Many patients have reported a tightening sensation on their face after their treatments, and over the course of their acupuncture/massage sessions, visible changes have been observed on their face. These are besides the increased energy, clarity and happiness that often accompany the rejuvenation treatments. Of course, one is cautioned not to expect results like plastic surgery where one’s face transforms drastically overnight. What can be expected from our Rejuvenation Program is a more natural, healthier and toned facial appearance.

A 70-year-old patient who has received these treatments over the last several years swears by the effects and has said that she receives continuous compliments from friends and strangers.

In summary, we at Tao of Wellness firmly believe that optimal health and wellness are the foundation of a youthful appearance. By addressing root causes, we not only help you present a younger face to the world, but also hopefully allow you to express a more healthier, youthful and vital you.

Note: This article written in collaboration with Ann Sweeney