Tuina Bodywork

At Tao of Wellness, we provide you with a complement of healing modalities to enhance, restore and rejuvenate your health. Tuina bodywork is one of the main pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


When should I receive bodywork?
Bodywork is an excellent therapy for acute muscle and joint injuries or chronic inflammation and pain. It has a wonderful ability to help you relax when you are under stress and feeling tense or anxious. People also use bodywork for mental and physical detoxification. When applied to the meridians and acupoints corresponding to the reproductive system, it can help optimize fertility.


How does bodywork complement my acupuncture treatments?
Bodywork enhances acupuncture because it prepares the body and mind by opening the energetic pathways. When combined, both acupuncture and bodywork can reduce the healing time for most any condition.

A must have! The practitioners are in tune with your body, guiding its self healing path and promoting wellness within me.

Scar tissue and/or adhesions often develop within the matrix of body tissue called the fascia. Such severe stagnation prevents smooth movement of muscles, tendons, ligaments and surrounding tissue, which consequently impairs function and produces pain. Guasha is a method where, after the application of aromatic oils, a smooth, hand-held guasha tool is moved along the surface of the affected area to break up stagnation. Guasha is also used effectively to relieve symptoms of cold and flu.


Toxins often accumulate in the connective tissues creating blockages and impeding blood and fluid circulation. Usually applied on a patient’s back, the strong suction action of cupping stimulates blood and lymphatic fluid to flow near the skin’s surface and to key areas of the body for easy and direct release of toxins. Cupping also serves to relieve tension and restore circulation.


Customized Tuina sessions are specific to the patient’s condition, usually ranging from sore muscles and joints to emotional stress and maintenance of health and well being.

Detox Tuina sessions are designed to detoxify the body. They incorporate: (a) dry brushing to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate the release of toxins through the skin, (b) manual therapy along lymphatic vessels to help bring toxins into the lymph nodes and liver for processing, and (c) cupping to bring blood and body fluids to the surface for the easy release of toxins. Learn more about our cleansing and detox program.

Fertility Tuina sessions are designed to optimize fertility by: (a) stimulating acupoints and meridians that correspond to the reproductive system, (b) promoting deep relaxation, and (c) improving circulation. Learn more about our fertility program.


The Tuina massages assisted my fertility journey. The treatments helped nourish my reproductive organs to prepare my body for the next journey.