Good for You, Good for the Planet

Assaults from global warming, pesticides, dioxins, and poisons in our air, soil and water threaten the health of the whole earth. Let’s wake up and consciously respond to earth’s multiple warning signs. Start making greener and healthier lifestyle choices now! Here are some ways you can contribute to a healthy, harmonious planet. Also, remember to celebrate Earth Day, April 22!

Use Natural Cleaning Products:

Make your own cleanser by diluting vinegar with an equal amount of water. Vinegar contains acetic acid that inhibits bacteria and mildew and is used effectively on tiles, windows, and mirrors—even carpets. Scour with baking soda or salt instead of chlorinated powders or toxic liquids.

Use Unbleached Paper Products:

All white paper products are bleached with chemicals that leave behind a residue of dioxin, a known carcinogen. Dioxin is found in coffee filters, lunch bags, and paper towels. When dioxin enters the landfill as waste, it leaches into the soil contaminating groundwater.

Less Plastic, More Health:

Lightweight, durable and versatile, plastic is everywhere, which is bad for the environment and our health. Plastics can release vinyl chloride and other harmful estrogen-like substances that lead to cancer, birth defects, hormonal imbalance, and lung and liver diseases.

Some plastics are obvious, like the ones found in our digital equipment, coffeemakers, water bottles, and food containers. Some plastics are less evident, showing up in carpeting, chewing gum, and cosmetics. Use glass containers, wooden toys, natural fiber clothing, and personal care products made from natural ingredients.

We know that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in plastic bottles leach into the drinking water. Plastic bottles piling up in landfills aren’t good for our planet, either. Install a water filter and travel with filtered water in glass or stainless steel bottles instead.

Natural Lawn Care: Weed killers contain chemicals that are toxic to our nervous systems and may cause cancer. Instead of using chemical herbicides and artificial fertilizers, use bone and blood meal, organic compost and manure.

Pest Control without Poison: Pest control firms such as advise that pesticides used to kill ants and roaches are comprised of noxious chemicals that can shorten your life span. Buy chemical-free and/or biologic pest controllers available at nurseries, hardware stores and many health food stores.