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Getting Back in Shape after the Holidays

Many of us tend to avoid checking ourselves out in the mirror after the holidays, as we know we have put on some extra pounds. Between the desserts, potatoes, and extra helpings of stuffing, no one could accuse us of not enjoying ourselves in the moment. However, a quick glance at our reflections will show […]

Inches Off with Chinese Medicine

Can acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine help with weight loss? This is a question often posed by patients, and the answer is, “Yes.” The next question is invariably, “How does it work?” The answer to this varies a little from patient to patient depending on what is preventing weight loss. In order to lose weight, […]

HCG: Not for Weight Loss

Every year there is always a new diet product being advertised as the cure-all for weight loss. This past year, the craze was for a homeopathic remedy containing HCG. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone produced by pregnant women and found in human placenta, is typically prescribed as an injectable to trigger ovulation in women […]

Terry’s Unexpected Gift: Being Healthy

Written by Allison Holdorff Last year, Terry, my brother-in-law, was stricken with end-stage liver cancer. My sister and I took him regularly to Tao of Wellness for incredible treatments that extended his life, gave him energy, relieved his pain and helped him deal  with the side-effects of chemotherapy and other Western cancer treatments. Terry was […]

Halting the Sugar Roller-Coaster

The media frequently reports on childhood obesity, naming three major culprits: sugar, fats and salt. Let’s focus on sugar. The reality is, most children just love sugar.  Sugar not only tastes good, but the brain requires sugar in order to function. However, for an important reason, consuming refined sugar is detrimental to a little person’s […]

Succeed with Weight Management

Summertime brings up the enduring quest for looking good in a bathing suit. Most of us have an “Uh, oh!” moment as we see ourselves in the mirror. We are happy to say that Tao of Wellness has a plan just right for you. Traditional Chinese Medicine advocates maintaining a healthy and balanced body system […]

Slayed Dragons: a Weight Loss Testimonial

Written by Liz S.K. Having lost 75 pounds I know that I am getting closer to my goal, making me feel better, stronger, and lighter with each passing day. Not unlike a legendary dragon slayer, I have been battling my weight related demons starting around the onset of puberty. Countless times I bravely raised my […]

The Threat of Mold to your Health and Well Being: Part II

Click here to read Part I of this article. In Part One of this article, I discussed the problems of mold infestation and its potential impact to one’s health. I pointed out that in Chinese Medicine, dampness is considered to be the cause of many illnesses such as high cholesterol, cancer, metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue […]

The Difficult Problems of Mold Infestation: Part II

Click here to read Part I of this article. Liability, Insurance And Other Economic Issues: The presence of mold contamination has serious economic consequences. Many insurance carriers refuse to issue insurance to people who have made a water loss claim within the past three years. Some insurance carriers charge an additional premium to issue insurance […]