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Integrating TCM for Cancer Support

In China, there is a branch of medicine known as Fu Zheng therapy. “Fu” means to fortify, and “Zheng” refers to the center of the constitution. Fu Zheng therapy, which fortifies and restores the center, is an immune-enhancing regimen of Chinese herbs often used to complement conventional cancer treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. […]

August I-Ching Horoscope

August Five Elements Horoscopes: Bring on a dose of personal transformation energy with that sizzling end-of-summer heat. Here’s everything your I Ching Element Personality needs to know to help you feel good, optimize your prosperity and turn on that summer charm as you connect with others.

July I-Ching Horoscope

Five Elements friends, your July I Ching Horoscope is ready! In the lunar calendar, July is a period of soft, sweet, centered yin Earth energy.  It’s calm and stable, of ripeness and mellowing as we prepare for autumn and the season of harvest. Find guidance for this month and every month for your emotions, health, […]

Acupuncture Supports IVF Pregnancy Success

Today many couples are going through IVF and fertility treatments. At Tao of Wellness, we treat patients going through different stages of their fertility journey, including IVF treatments. We are honored to be a part of such a precious journey of creating a new family. Chinese medicine has been used in China for centuries to […]

Into Second Spring

Reclaiming Personal and Sexual Identity During Menopause Menopause signifies the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is estimated that 1.3 million women in the U.S. will reach menopause each year between now and 2010 when that number doubles, and a total of about 60 million women will have experienced menopause by then. The majority […]

Acupuncture for the Treatment of Substance Addiction

For centuries, Asian cultures have placed needles in precise locations on the body to relieve pain and treat disease. The use of acupuncture for the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency, however, is a recent development in the history of this ancient healing art. In 1972, a Hong Kong neurosurgeon, H.L. Wen, M.D., conducted research […]

Daily Exercises that Promote Health

If you have a few minutes during your busy day, try a couple or all of these exercises. They build strength in different parts of your body, stretch your muscles and reduce stress. So take a few minutes and try some of these exercises. Dr. Tan assures you will feel a difference if you do […]