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Toxic Chemical Exposure and Our Health

Everyday, everywhere, everyone is exposed to a variety of environmental pollutants by way of our air, water and food. These chemicals can directly impact our health and, as a whole, create potential illnesses that can be detrimental to our society. We have seen an increase in cancer rates, thyroid disorders, miscarriages, ADHD, autism, infant deformities, […]

Detox Testimonial

Submitted by Lee Chemel When I walked into Dr. Mao’s office a year and a half ago, I was ready for a change. I was sixty-six years old and working fourteen-hour days as a TV director. I had let my nutrition go. I felt the weight of my belly fat, cleverly hidden under baggy t-shirts […]

Why You Need to Spring Clean Your Body

Human cultures through the ages have instinctively cleansed themselves and their living environment upon the arrival of spring each year. The reasons are well founded from two perspectives. First, there is a natural need to cast off the winter blues and feel renewed. Second, according to Chinese medicine, the liver is most active in the […]

Avoiding Environmental Toxins

Many of us are concerned about the adverse health effects of environmental pollutants such as agricultural pesticides and industrial chemicals. In recent years, there have been bans on certain chemicals, as well as ongoing research into the effects of others. The federal government took a major step when they implemented national standards for organic produce […]