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Tai Chi Quan: A Lifelong Pursuit

Tai Chi Quan can be translated from the Chinese as the highest form of martial arts. As with all Chinese martial arts, it developed from Shaolin boxing several hundred years ago and has the distinction of being one of the three soft-style Taoist martial art forms, alongside Baguazhang and Xingyiquan. On a purely physical level, […]

Mental Health Month

Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine that views the mind, and its accompanying emotional states, as having physical residence in the body. Classical five elemental thinking gave rise to the categorization of the 5 zang, or Yin organs, as housing the emotional conditions of joy, anger, pensiveness/melancholy, sadness, and fear—corresponding to the elements fire, wood, […]

Our Commitment to Health and Wellness in the MS Community

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Marilyn Hilton MS Achievement Center at UCLA starting this January.  Dr. Kumiko Yamamoto will be teaching a new 6-week Tai Chi program at the center where the community of MS patients will learn and enjoy this healing art and the benefits of Tai Chi. Multiple […]

The Benefits of Qi Gong

Qi gong is a fundamental component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and consists of mindful posture and graceful movement coordinated with the breath. The name of this system of healing is comprised of two Mandarin Chinese words: “qi” which means energy flow and “gong” which means skill or achievement. Qi gong has been practiced for many […]

CHI GONG: The Ancient Divine Art of Energy Mastery

Chi gong in some form has existed since the dawn of life. Just watch the gentle, natural movements a child makes after waking up in the morning. Or watch an animal stretch and move as it wakes up. These are spontaneous, natural movements that we all do when we are young, and they are the […]

Tai Chi and Chi Gong. What Is the Difference?

Chi Gong: Chi gong is thousands of years old. It is sometimes described as Chinese yoga and is the ‘mother’ of tai chi. Chi gong is one of the classic four pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine; the others are acupuncture, herbal medicine, and massage. Its movements are simple, healing, strengthening and promote relaxed, deep breathing. […]

Chinese Athletes Succeed with Secret Performance Power

The Olympics arrived with unprecedented fanfare, and the world watched as the Chinese competed to display their mettle in athletics. In a system where athletes are groomed and trained in such a disciplined and enduring manner since childhood, winners become celebrities overnight and losers …well, become losers for years to come. There have always been […]

The Power of Crane Style Qigong

The room was small but the energy in the room was overflowing. This eager old man along with his entourage of family was very excited to show me something he had been working on for the past three months. Life has not been the same since the stroke, he has lost most of the mobility […]

Qi Gong for Stress Release

Qi Gong for stress release aims to regulate the whole body into a calm, relaxed and natural state through a step-by-step rhythmic relaxation method. There are four types of meditation and each work by activating Qi, (life energy) and blood harmonize the internal organs to help reduce anxiety, improve sleep and relieve pain. Sit, stand […]

Tai Chi: A Source of Good Health, Peace of Mind and Yes, Even Love

My first Tai Chi lesson began at the age of six and my first instructor was my father, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. On weekends and after school, my father and I would practice the ancient movements in a clearing along the Zhou River or on the slopes of the Fenghuang Mountains. I studied […]