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Emotional Detoxification

The beginning of a new year  presents wonderful opportunities to improve ourselves and our environments, to create goals, and make resolutions. We also tend to look for things to add to our physical and mental lives: new vacation plans, new gadgets, and other distractions. But what about our emotional health? Emotions are a normal part […]

Loosen Up

It is normal for us to feel tension in our bodies now and then, but when the tension does not go away, it can affect our quality of life. It can give us chronic pain that makes it difficult to sleep, exercise, or makes us cranky. It is important to understand how this tension occurs […]

How Stress Causes Aging

We intuitively know that stress is harmful. Recently, however, science has proven this to be a hard fact. An overdose of stress can harm us down to our genetic makeup. The cells in our bodies are continually replicating to replace old or worn-out cells. Our genetic material is stored within chromosomes in each cell, and […]

Qi Gong for Stress Release

Qi Gong for stress release aims to regulate the whole body into a calm, relaxed and natural state through a step-by-step rhythmic relaxation method. There are four types of meditation and each work by activating Qi, (life energy) and blood harmonize the internal organs to help reduce anxiety, improve sleep and relieve pain. Sit, stand […]