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Study Shows Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Help Insomnia

For most people, a good night’s sleep is something that is taken for granted. However, for those unable to rest at night, the search for better sleep can become all consuming. Many pharmaceuticals can help one get through the night, but they often have unwanted side effects and can even prevent you from sleeping deeply […]

Getting To Sleep

As winter approaches, our energy slows along with the rest of our environment. We do not hibernate like bears or lose our leaves like the trees, but we do require more rest at this time of year. For many, it might be just 30 minutes more sleep. For some, it could be another hour or […]

Don’t Ignore Your Snore

Sixty percent of American adults snore. At  first, snoring is more often a nuisance than  a sign of serious illness, as a person’s quality of sleep, or that of a loved one, is disrupted. However, if restorative energy isn’t created during a full night’s rest, aging quickens its pace. With age, snoring may get worse. […]

Settling Down for a Long Winter’s Nap

In Chinese medicine, winter is viewed as a time for renewal as our energy goes into storage and our bodies rejuvenate in preparation for the activity of spring. When the hours of darkness increase, it tells us we need to sleep longer. If you are having trouble sleeping, here are some helpful tips: 1. Relaxing […]

10 Tips for Sound Sleep

Avoid sleeping on your back. Resting your hands on your chest and abdomen   can press on your heart and lungs, thereby preventing deeper breathing. Avoid thinking too much before bedtime. 80% of insomnia is due to a “mental”   imbalance. Watching violent TV shows or reading a stimulating book also cause restless sleep. Avoid excessive talking […]

Overcoming Insomnia: How to Achieve Peaceful, Quality Sleep

Proper rest is essential to good health, and sleeplessness is a sign of imbalance. If your sleep is habitually disturbed it can be very damaging to the vital energy of the body and immune system. If this is the case it is important that you inform your acupuncturist so that you can work together to […]