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Getting Back in Shape after the Holidays

Many of us tend to avoid checking ourselves out in the mirror after the holidays, as we know we have put on some extra pounds. Between the desserts, potatoes, and extra helpings of stuffing, no one could accuse us of not enjoying ourselves in the moment. However, a quick glance at our reflections will show […]

Keys to a Healthy Winter Lifestyle

Thinking of winter, one thinks of family gatherings, holiday parties, big bold foods, warm ciders, fuzzy socks, chilly weather, and of course, cold and flu. How do we take care of ourselves, mentally and physically? By following nature’s rhythm, eating seasonal foods and keeping life simple. FOOD – During winter, our body craves foods that […]

Settling Down for a Long Winter’s Nap

In Chinese medicine, winter is viewed as a time for renewal as our energy goes into storage and our bodies rejuvenate in preparation for the activity of spring. When the hours of darkness increase, it tells us we need to sleep longer. If you are having trouble sleeping, here are some helpful tips: 1. Relaxing […]

Keys to a Healthy Winter Lifestyle

“During the winter months all things in nature wither, hide, return home, and enter a resting period. This is a time when yin dominates yang.” —   The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine Thinking of winter, one recalls family gatherings, holiday parties, big bold foods, warm ciders, thick socks, chilly weather and, of course, cold […]

Practices for Healthy Holidays

Eating right during the holidays can mean a happier New Year! Here are a few pointers for practicing a healthy lifestyle! 1. Eat more vegetables, including the dark leafy ones like spinach, chard, and kale. 2. Watch that bread and pasta! Eat grains moderately, and less baked and fried food. 3. Smart eating out! Order […]

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog

January 29, 2006 begins the Chinese New Year of the Dog. It is Year 4,704 of the Yellow Emperor’s reign. With 2005 Rooster year leaving us, let us do a retrospective on my predictions at the beginning of last year. Economically, I forecasted that the industries sure to benefit from the year of the rooster […]

Health Preservation & Appropriate Lifestyle for the Year 2000

A new millennium is coming. People are seeking better ways to maintain their health. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the key to health preservation is living in harmony with nature. The following are four methods that can keep you healthy: Cultivation of mind is a method of keeping physically and mentally healthy by regulating the […]