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A 5-Point Prescription for Midsummer Health

As we reach the midpoint of summer, here’s a quick reminder that healthy habits are within our reach.      Water: It does a body good The body is made up of 60% water. Proper hydration of cells in your body means higher nerve conductivity in your cells, better circulation, and improved release of toxins […]

Eat Cool to Be Cool This Summer

According to Chinese Medicine, summer is the time of Fire   or Yang energy, which is associated with heat and expansion. When it’s hot, most people crave fresh, light and cool foods, and this is natural. As the temperature rises, the foods that nature abundantly provides have a cooling effect on the body. The good news […]

Healthy Eating Under the Sun

The beach, sun bathing, surfing, pool parties, vacations and sun, sun, sun – summer has finally arrived! Thankfully, being a resident of Los Angeles, we are blessed with warm weather almost every season. Unfortunately, this blessing is also a curse. That means we Angelinos need to take extra precautions to protect ourselves all year round, […]

Health Preservation & Appropriate Lifestyle for the Year 2000

A new millennium is coming. People are seeking better ways to maintain their health. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the key to health preservation is living in harmony with nature. The following are four methods that can keep you healthy: Cultivation of mind is a method of keeping physically and mentally healthy by regulating the […]

Cooling Summer Recipes

Cooling Summer Tea Chrysanthemum tea is the ultimate summer beverage because its cooling without impairing digestion. To make it, pour a cup of boiling water over a few fresh or dried chrysanthemum flowers (use large, yellow varieties) and steep until the tea cools to room temperature. Strain, add a little sweetener if desired, and drink […]

Cooling Foods for Summer

Summer is the season to introduce some cooling foods into your diet. Here are some suggestions to keep you cool and balanced all summer long. These fruits and vegetables will help adjust your body temperature and protect you during the long, hot summer days: snowpeas, asparagus, bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, corn, celery, cucumber, zucchini, potato, […]